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Ложная кеттлевка при вязании сверху / Ложная кеттлевка горловины спицами при вязании сверху: особенности, способы

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Мой ВЯЗАНЫЙ Февраль 2018//Ложная кеттлевка горловины сверху-ЛЕГЧЕ- ЛЕГКОГО// Мои процессы//

Имитация пришивной горловины. Ложная кеттлевка.

ложная кеттлевка при вязании сверху

При вязании сверху спицами. МК - YouTube  See details »

  • 00:00: friends everyone hello my name is natalia i I am pleased to welcome you on my channel about knitting today we will have a master class I'll show you how to tie this neck as is called imitation clamping straps or a false whale a lefka at knitting products from above, that is, such a throats to cute is what I see blouse for dochenki and here such
  • 00:33: kuni neck and will be so mean for knitting we will need yarn I will knit as well as this abrasive do not contact the product I see I will knit the second card for my Sonny, too, the yarn is only a shade of the other children's novelty from puhov ki in 50 grams 200 meters and this is our percentage before
  • 01:05: 100 percent high volume acrylic means you need a yarn I'll knit on knitting needles number two with a half and yet for knitting us you need two tokens in order to isolate planochki so let's get down to
  • 01:35: knitting to start we will need to type the required number of hinges for the neck I will have ninety-two loops I'll see the neck at the age of two half a year means 7 loops of the bar 6 loops and 1 edge on each side and seventy- eight loops it will be my rubber band to recruit I will be on one spoke to the edge of the neck
  • 02:06: was not much extended different people in an Italian way someone I will usually recruit in the usual way, that's just I will dial ninety-two loops I scored ninety- two loops and we start knitting
  • 02:36: The first row of the edge loop is removed and further we sew a loop of a trunk here here on the samples you can see 6 loop loops go they will be knit garter stitch, that is, from the front and on the wrong side we will tie to tie them always facial and so I I bind 6 facial loops 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 and I see and the marker that is I separate
  • 03:21: the bar so that I can always see where I loops the straps nude on will go will go the rubber band can be tied up Elastic band one by one I knitted an elastic band 2 at 2 now I'll knit also but here pay attention so let's show you elastic band 2 on 2 it is clear what should divide by 2 and need to calculate so
  • 03:53: so that the first 2 loops were facial and The last two loops also have you Have turned out facial about near the bar walked here through 2 facial loops to it was so beautiful I continue to knit already Rubber that is, I bind 2 facial loops 1 row we type loops on one spoke
  • 04:23: a little tugovato but will be further easy to knit 2 facial 2 purl 2 purl again 2 facial and 2 purl loops and so bind up to the last 7 loops to the stitch loops
  • 04:53: knit two facial and two purl loops so I ended up with two facial loops I hang the marker again and fasten the loops slats face 6 stitch loops and 1 edge all we turn knitting and further to us
  • 05:25: You will need to repeat all the same tie the strap loops and tying the rubber band two by two if you knit that is again I knit strap loops facial as she spoke with the facial and on the wrong side and start knitting gum here I have 2 purl on the wrong side first on 2
  • 05:56: facial and so on I continue to knit four rows are still tied in the fifth row we will make a loop under pugovichku now while we are knitting 4 rows So I tied the 4 rows and the fifth row I tied up the whole row up to the bar.

    ложная кеттлевка при вязании сверху

    We will now make the slats here buttonhole we sew 2 face loops the next 2

  • 06:27: hinges together facial behind the back wall tied up This loop was returned and tied up her with the next also the facial behind the back The wall together we knitted two loops reduced it turns out and we bind the front and the edge so Now we turn over knitting an edge
  • 07:02: we remove the front face and 2 We now need to get the we type 1 2 2 loops we returned back and forth again we bind the straps all the way and further I went to knit how to knit a rubber band 2 by 2
  • 07:32: Gum 2 to 2 we need to bind a total of 7 series of I get a number 6 and dovyazyvayu come back and see the 7 row last where We loops recruited those two we do too simply facial povyazhem and we are now independently 6 rows are obtained and 7 now the next row of the eighth we need
  • 08:03: will double the gum loop and we We will knit an elastic band with an elastic band one on one but it needs to be done so so that our drawings do not get lost Gum 2 by 2 and everything was there further beautiful let's show how to do it i I tied the straps of the strap further on go 2 purl loops I'm tying
  • 08:34: purl loop on from the broach, that's how I picked up more once I show the broach, I raise it I knit and cross the front crossed there is behind the back wall I take this loop again on the wrong side further pick up broach
  • 09:04: and I sew the front crossed so now behind the back here is on there are 2 facial loops from this one stenochki we also raise her here see the loop as if envelops these two walls with glasses
  • 09:35: we are the first to raise and bind it on the next we sew the front basis stenochku facial loops raise we wipe it with the wrong one and tie it We will need this report here repeat to the end of the gum [music] and let's show again here they are two
  • 10:06: we sew the first loops first raise the broach we bind it with the front crossed for back wall again purl raise the broach behind the back wall further 2 facial loops we are the first wall we raise it by purl
  • 10:39: the obverse loop again raised the stalk dressed on the inside loop and continue to the end of the series turn the knitting next row so 9 we get We are tying the plate and we need more will tie 5 rows of hollow gum
  • 11:16: so look first we go purl loop before work we remove the loop without tying the front loop as usual again the wrong loop is not.

    before We remove the loop without tying it the front loop is tied so knit

  • 11:46: hollow gum and continue this way knit on purl tying the front loops tie it the first row of hollow gum is all you need tie 5 rows so continue on our own bind 5 rows
  • 12:17: So I tied 5 rows of hollow gum and it remains for us to tie the last row I sew a loop of a plate And further all the loops we will bind 2 together with 2 facial loops together facial 2 together facial thus we
  • 12:51: we will return the previous number of loops and so to the end of the series of 2 loops together all the wreath wings we cut out like this
  • 13:24: we have it turned out and can be further link the sprout and form and lines raglan on this master class is finished thanks all for viewing subscribe to my the channel will be very many interesting and until new meetings so far
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